Simon MosheshviliA skilled entrepreneur, leading expert, and reputable specialist in various aspects of the information technology strategies, Simon Mosheshvili was born in March of 1975 in a fantastic place with a rich history – the Republic of Georgia. In the early 1990s, Mr. Mosheshvili decided to establish a starting point in his soon-to-be fruitful career in the United States. There, as a successful alumnus of Georgia State University, he obtained a degree in Computer Science and International Business Law in 1993. Simon Mosheshvili has been happily married for almost two decades to Rita Mosheshvili, with whom he welcomed five wonderful children to the world – his first-born Jessica (age 18), son Ethan (age 13), twins Chloe and Nicole (ages 10), and the youngest son Jake (age 3).

Simon Mosheshvili continually promotes innovation and ensures the achievement of technological goals for institutions, as well as provides a context for assessing and selecting high technology solutions. During his professional and business career, replete with impressive accomplishments and lasting for over twenty years, Simon Mosheshvili has been a wise chief of different groups of employees, as small as three people and as large as 80 people, depending on the magnitude of the project, work volume, safety, and confidentiality requirements.

In addition to his undeniably significant contribution to the information technology industry and the implementation of socially beneficial initiatives, Simon Mosheshvili has always been an active participant in charitable organizations. He is still engaged in this valuable activity.

In 2010, after the horrible Haiti Earthquake, Simon Mosheshvili visited Haiti several times. He became vigorously involved in donating funds, food, and necessities to support and reassure the victims of this natural disaster.

Among the proudest achievements of the philanthropic side of his career is the provision of financial aid of the young US immigrants from Russia. In 2016, Simon Mosheshvili also took responsibility for material support to a family of four children who tragically lost their parents. He continues to support them to this day.

Currently, Simon Mosheshvili is a sponsor of the Tefillin Bank that endows young Jewish boys awaiting their “Bar-Mitzvah” with all the required entourage surrounding this vital celebration. The primary goal of this philanthropic organization supported by Mr. Mosheshvili is to provide Jewish boys turning 13 with such essential traditional prayer equipment as tefillin. Jewish youngsters wear this religious apparatus to become a bar mitzvah.

Since 2015, Simon Mosheshvili has been personally financing the Tefillin Bank and other foundations. He prefers to participate in benevolent organizations directly to make life easier for numerous people he encounters during his life’s journey.