In the era of vast data masses that all businesses need to manage, having a practical and powerful database is a must. Oracle software (or Oracle database) has become one of the most popular solutions for businesses because of its multi-model infrastructure and quick operations. In this article, Simon Mosheshvili, a successful entrepreneur and Senior Vice President of Latin American Operations at Digital Edge, explores how using Oracle can benefit your business.

What Is Oracle?

In a nutshell, Oracle software is a database management system initially released in 1979. Its latest update took place in 2019. It is most often used for the processing of online transactions, data storage, and mixed database workload management. The latest Oracle products are also available on the public and private cloud platforms. For customers wishing to gain the full spectrum of advantages from the next database generation, Oracle Autonomous Database is a viable option to explore.

How to Optimize the Oracle Software Infrastructure?   

As noted by Simon Mosheshvili, despite the long list of Oracle software’s advantages and impressive capacity, its licensing policies are quite complex. Even knowledgeable clients may violate the company’s policy, which poses a risk of incurring a penalty. Digital Edge can advise clients on the ins and outs of using Oracle products to minimize the risks of non-compliance and to save costs by optimizing the licensing plans. The company can help with:

  • analyzing the Oracle use by the client’s team to offer practical advice on risk and cost reduction, optimizing the operations, and improving compliance;
  • monitoring the pricing for Oracle products online across a database of affiliates to identify the best offer currently available;
  • reviewing the client’s business needs and optimizing the paid Oracle services’ and products’ package to reduce expenditures on the redundant software.


Besides these advisory services and assistance with IT infrastructure optimization, Digital Edge can help you choose the best combination of Oracle software for your business needs and support your company throughout the entire process of data migration to the Oracle cloud. With Digital Edge, the process of adopting the best global practices in database management gets simpler and smoother, ensuring quick solutions with minimal risks.