Amazon’s AWS has become a globally recognized cloud service that millions of businesses utilize today. The AWS platform enables advanced computational capacity, ample data storage, content delivery, and numerous additional features and functions you’ll like. With the help of AWS Cloud, you can create complex and flexible apps, enjoy the scalability and reliability of data, and reap many advantages of the advanced digital power it delivers. Simon Mosheshvili explains the core features of AWS Cloud and describes how Digital Edge may help businesses migrate to it.

What’s So Great about AWS Cloud?

Amazon, one of the world’s top digital giants, has done an excellent job developing and launching AWS Cloud, probably the best platform with a variety of flexible, innovative cloud solutions. Here’s what you’ll get by migrating to AWS:

  • Advanced, in-depth analytics
  • App integration
  • AR and VR solutions
  • Expenditure management
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Business apps
  • Sophisticated computations
  • Vast databases
  • Varied developer tools
  • Intelligent client relationship systems
  • Multimedia services
  • Data migration and transfer


This is not a complete list of AWS capabilities; they expand every day to include virtually everything that a digital user might need. Thus, the popularity of AWS worldwide is growing due to the array of opportunities and the potential it delivers.

Businesses considering AWS migration should also keep in mind the hybrid solutions that Amazon provides for added flexibility. They currently include VMware Cloud and AWS Outposts, each ensuring stable operation and AWS infrastructure’s smooth integration.

How to Migrate to AWS Cloud with Digital Edge?   

Digital Edge, as Simon Mosheshvili noted, has always been one of the forward-looking businesses, so it captured the far-reaching potential of cloud services early on. The company is a certified provider of AWS migration and support services as it completed the annual AWS Partner Network compliance requirement in April 2020. This certificate confirms the status of Digital Edge’s specialists as credited AWS consultants and enables the company to provide AWS-related services to businesses of all kinds.

Technical experts of Digital Edge provide various cloud migration and IT support services, enabling clients to transfer their operations to the cloud smoothly and safely. The company’s services currently include cybersecurity for cloud services, IT support during AWS cloud migration, migration to (and maintenance of) the private cloud, hybrid cloud, and virtual desktops.